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paraphrase the answer do not paraphrase the question.

What are some ways to implement portfolio assessment into your existing content area? Cite specific examples that you intend to try.

As an elementary teacher, I would like to implement portfolio assessment as an alternative tool assessment on my students in writing class. First, I will make sure that students own their portfolios by explaining it and expressing the importance of their personal ownership of the portfolios and the significance of their own evolution of the kinds of the work they put in their portfolios. Second, I will decide collaboratively with my students what goes in the portfolios in their writing class. Then, students will collect their work samples as they created and place them in folder box and put all portfolios in the shelves that I prepared for them. After that, I will work collaboratively with my students to select the best writing criteria that suitable to all students in which my students and me can judge the quality of their portfolio products in writing skills. Then, I will ask my students to evaluate their writing portfolios every week to see their progress and let them modify and improve their writing skills. After that, I will hold conferences every month with each student one-by-one and discuss the most concerned to the student and me and give them feedback to improve and enrich their knowledge and writing skills. Finally, I will involve all parents/ guardians by explaining to them the importance of portfolios and encourage them to review their children’s writing samples as well as their children’s self-evaluation.

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