Components of an Emergency Plan & Threat Assessment

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Discussion 1

As part of your Unit 2 assignment, you identified the basic components of an emergency operations plan (EOP). While EOPs generally follow the format provided by FEMA, which includes a base plan, annexes, and hazard-specific guidance, the plans will vary based on geographical threats and whether the planning team decided to organize the plan using the 8 Core Functional Annexes or the 15 Emergency Support Function Annexes. Your reading this week from FEMA, Developing and Maintaining Emergency Plans, will provide you an understanding of the different approaches to planning.

This discussion will focus on the various approaches in the development of an EOP and considerations that go into developing an EOP. Select one of the emergency plans linked in Resources and address the questions included in the instructions.

Although these state plans are lengthy, you are only expected to find the pertinent information, using the table of contents and headings as a guide. In addition, you can search a PDF document by holding down the CTRL and F keys on your keyboard to activate the keyword search function for the document.


Use the Threat and Hazard Detection and Risk Assessment (THIRA) Template linked in Resources to complete this discussion.

Select and review one of the state EOPs linked in Resources:

Address the following in your main post:

Discussion 2

  • Threat Assessment


Emergency managers are often responsible for conducting risk assessments to determine the potential disasters that may strike their areas. The emergency manager will review past disasters and consider the potential of disasters from all three disaster categories: natural, technological, and human-caused, to provide an emergency planning team an understanding of the various threats that must be accounted for when planning and training.

This discussion will involve the completion of the first step of a threat and hazard identification and risk assessment (THIRA) by developing threat and hazard description statements.


Learning Components

This activity will help you achieve the following learning components:


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