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I need help to continue my discourse community analysis. I attached part one and this should be part 2.


You will continue the analysis of discourse communities through the study of an existing activity system that you engage in. Now that you have been introduced to Kain and Wardle and Marro articles, I’m looking for you to focus and gather additional data from a specific activity system in order to examine how the primary and minor genres of those systems mediate activity, create and reinforce particular identities and values, and create authority for particular individuals. Ultimately, you will write a description of the system, analyzing its motives and tools, and then reflect on what you have learned from doing so.


Using perhaps the same discourse community that you analyzed for the previous research “check the attachment “, use the activity triangle worksheet from Kain and Wardle (Alan and the other members of the humanities department were constantly at
cross purposes, he did not write in ways the community members saw as
appropriate, and he did not view their conventions as ones he should adopt,
given his position in the community. Most importantly, the community of
practice did not appear to view him as a fledging member but rather as an object,
a tool enabling them to get work done. His discursive choices can be viewed as
an attempt to reject the identity of tool and to appropriate authority for himself.
Thus, Alan’s story serves to illustrate some of the complexities associated with
learning to write in new workplaces.), try to sketch out the object, purpose, tools, community, division of labor, and rules for this activity system. In particular, focus on the textual tools that this group uses in order to try to accomplish its common purposes.

Then, determine what data you need to collect:

  • you will likely need to interview a couple members of that activity system and ask them about their activities, purposes, conventions, texts, and so on.
  • you will also need to collect some texts that the members commonly read, write, or use in other ways.
  • and you will likely need to conduct text-based interviews with some of the system participants in order to ask them about the texts they use. For example, you might ask why they organize the texts as they do, why they use certain phrases or tones instead of others, who writes the texts, who reads them, and so on.

You will also need to observe the system members in action, either through observation, shadowing, or in some cases, participant observation.


Once you have collected all you data, go back to the activity system worksheet that you drafted before you collected the data, go back to the activity system worksheet that you drafted before you collected the data. It is now time to rethink what you wrote there. Work through the data that you collected in order to consider anew the motives of the system, the genres (tools) that mediate their work, the rules (conventions) of the system, and so on. As you work through these, makes notes about where in your data you found answers. Was it from what interview subjects said? From the texts you examined? From what you saw while you observed?

Now is also the time to analyze the genres you collected. What are they? Who writes them? Who uses them? What specialized lexis do you see in them? How are they organized? How are they distributed?


Now consider the text you want to write. What do you want to focus on? And who do you want to share this information with? Given the answers to these questions, consider the following options:

  1. Do you want to write a format research report that adds to the conversations that scholars have had about activity systems and texts?
  2. Do you want to write a professional training manual/text where you explain to new employees the oral/written communication expectations of the job they have just been hired for?
  3. Do you want to write a reflection to yourself that considers what you’ve learned and what that means to you personally?


  • 1300-1500 words

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