“Giants of the Arts”, humanities assignment help

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1. Please list 5 works of art (including films, literature, paintings, pottery, television shows – anything you consider art) that you think should be included in a course like this. This course is called “Giants of the Arts” so choose the works of art that you think are truly universally important, works that most people should be exposed to in order to be well-educated, well-rounded, and sophisticated.

You must explain briefly why you chose each work. Please limit your reasons why to about three sentences.

2. The assignment below should be typewritten, double-spaced, in Times New Roman, 12-point font, and should include proper language, grammar, and spelling. If you need writing assistance, be sure to utilize the following tool,Grammarly.

In 200 – 250 words, complete the following:

  • Name a contemporary music selection, painting, sculpture, movie, or other art experience that you feel is a good piece of work, and name the author of your selection.
  • Describe the aesthetic qualities of this artwork as to why it is pleasing to you. (What makes this work special? How does it make you feel?)
  • How does this work create empathy in you? (How do I identify with this piece?) Explain.
  • Find out, to the best of your ability, why this artist created this work.
  • Research, briefly, the context of this author and work. Write at least four sentences about the context andmake sure to properly cite your source.
  • Do you think your selection will someday be considered a masterpiece? Why or why not?
  • Will the author of this artwork be considered a “giant” of the arts? Why or why not?

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