it is about Diversity in USA cities

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Final Paper Requirements

  1. Cover Page (Your Name TITLE OF PAPER:THE QUESTION Name of Professor
    Course Title
    CRN Number Date
  2. Table of Contents
  3. SUMMARY (10 sentences) the findings about the research for midterm and final/paper/policy brief
  4. What is the issue? And The Question: Frame a question to address the issue. Your paper must respond to only one question
  5. Background Info
    It must be referenced APA style but within the PNT GUIDE We will discuss in class
  6. Arguments For
    It must have referenced APA
  7. Arguments Against
    It must have referenced APA
  8. Contradictions

10. Policy Recommendation (s) 11. Personal opinion

Minimum of 5 references and three of them must be from non-profit organization/Think- Tank/Academic Journal /In the Final Exam/Policy Brief you require 10 references/You must conduct an interview (for final exam) with a Non-Profit or and submit it with Final Paper/Policy Brief

Final Exam/Policy Brief (PB) 35%

• The Final Exam consists of the design and preparation of a Policy Brief (PB) on an issue related to the course. The Instructor will make recommendations but students are advised to link their research to their majors or subject matters that fire them up. Build on the Mid- Term Research Paper. Students are required to submit a minimum of ten (10) pages with references. Books and Scholarly Publications must be used. Use the library resources. APA formatting must be used for the PB combined with the PNT GUIDE. It is advisable that you use your for your summary for talking points. Attendance is compulsory. Failing to attend the Final Exam, students will be given a sit-down supervised exam without any recourse to computers, IPADS or phones. A guide on how to prepare the research paper/policy brief will be discussed in class and circulated. On the day of the Final Exam, students will make a three (3) minutes presentation.


All required class assignments must be submitted on the due date. Late papers will not be accepted. If you know you will not be able to submit your paper on its due date contact the professor urgently.


All written work for this course must conform to the following guidelines:
• All written work must be typed, double-spaced with one inch margins, and in twelve point

font. If you need assistance, please check with the Writing Center.

  • All papers should have a cover page. The cover page has the title of the paper centered at the top of the page, in twelve-point font. It also includes the name of the class, the student’s name and the name of the course.
  • All pages except the cover page should be numbered in a consistent manner. If the numbering is in the center it should be that way throughout the paper.
  • APA formatting should be used in all written work. Students must take all written work to the Student Success Center before turning it in. ACADEMIC INTEGRITY Plagiarism will not be tolerated in any form, including the word-for-word copying, without acknowledgement, of the language of another person and the unacknowledged paraphrasing of another person’s ideas. Turning in the work of another as your own is academic fraud and in violation of the University’s Student Code of Conduct. This includes the use of “authorless” documents dealing with “general knowledge” found online. Any instance of plagiarism will result in an F for the assignment and may result in a failing grade for the course. Such actions are subject to review by the administration and may negatively affect the student’s future at the University. CHEATING/PLAGIARISM STATEMENT

Students enrolling at the university assume the obligation to maintain standards of academic integrity. Violations of academic obligations include: unethical practices and acts of academic dishonesty, such as cheating, plagiarism, falsification, and the facilitation of such acts. Any paper found to have been plagiarized or cheated upon will receive a failing grade, and will be reported to the chairperson.

Cheating includes the actual giving or receiving of any unauthorized aid or assistance or the actual giving or receiving of any unfair advantage on any form of academic work. Plagiarism is the use of another’s ideas or words, or both, as if they were one’s own. However, ideas or direct quotations from others are acceptable with appropriate citation of source.

Students are subject to dismissal from a degree program for unethical practices and acts of academic dishonesty. It should also be stated that a plea of ignorance of the policy will not be accepted. The following actions are prescribed whenever a violation of academic integrity is noted: (1) The Instructor will provide to the chairperson a written report with documentation of the academic offense, (2) the chairperson will present the facts to the departmental Academic Affairs Committee, (3) the departmental Academic Affairs Committee will review the report, meet with all parties concerned, and make a formal recommendation to the department chair for transmittal to the academic dean. If it is determined that a student has violated the Academic Integrity Policy the academic dean may suspend the student from the University.

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