Job Duties and Responsibilities social worker and counselor

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With all this preparation for the hurricane I need help with this sorry for the short time but I would need to submit this by Friday before the hurracaine hits florida

For this module’s course project submission include the following in a 1-2 page paper APA style including references:

  • What typical duties and tasks are required when working in these professions?
  • Will you be required to work evenings, days or both?
  • Will you be required to work in an on-call rotation?
  • Is travel required?
  • In what type of work settings might your work?

Here is two of the professions that I choose Child, Family, and School Social Workers and Substance Abuse and Behavioral Disorder Counselors for teens

I add this websites that are the ones that I been using for my papers this passed 4 weeks., Family, and School Social Workers&onetcode=21102100&location=&lang=en… Abuse and Behavioral Disorder Counselors&onetcode=21101100&location=US

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