Reading a transcribed phone call and answering 5 questions about it (1000 words max)

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Hi, This assignment requires reading the transcribed phone call below and then answering these 5 questions about it. Please make sure to read the questions and the transcribed phone call very carefully as this assignment is worth 35% of my overall grade for the class meaning if I get a bad grade on this I can fail the class. I am going to attach the document for this assignment so you can read it in better quality.

Exercise 3: Doctor-Patient Interaction

The transcript below is from an “out of hours” call to an on-call doctor from an anxious mother. Focusing on just the five question-answer sequences beginning at lines 39, 43, 45, 50, 56:

1) Identify the grammatical form of each question (e,g., interrogative, declarative, etc.) and discuss its epistemic gradient.

2) Is the question grammatically designed for a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ response?

3) Does the caller’s response conform to the question’s topic and action agenda?

4) Does the caller’s answer align with the grammatical preference of the question?

5) Can you identify anything in the prior talk that might be a factor in the design of this question?

Format: Analyze each question, numbering each answer 1-5. Address all the issues for each question before moving on to the next.

Length: Your paper should be no more than 1000 words or about 3 double-space pages (not including transcript excerpts). Be as thorough as you can within this limit.

Doctor’s Emergency Calls, Tape 1, Side 1, Call 8 (27:20 – 30:30)

((Most names omitted from recording)

1 Doc: Hello:

2 Clr: Hello¿

3 Doc: ˙h[h

4 Clr: [Doc-=

5 Doc: =Doct- yes, ((omitted)) speaking, ˙hh

6 Clr: E:hm

7 Doc: Is that Missus ((omitted))

8 Doc: Hello, sorry I was out earlier, ˙hh

9 Clr: That’s alright,

10 Doc: How can I help¿

11 (0.8)

12 Clr: Uh(p0- (0.5) my little girl, she’s ten.

13 Doc: Ye:s,=

14 Clr: =Took her to the doctor’s yesterday morning ’cause she’s had

15 >diarrhea and sickness for-< (.) three days.

16 Doc: Ri:ght,

17 (0.6)

18 Clr: And (1.1) sh:-‘e said just k- keep givin’ ‘er: (1.0) drinks,

19 Doc: Yes,

20 Clr: And let’er rest, and give ‘er paracet’mol.=I been doin’ that,

21 Doc: Yes,

22 Clr: (The) temperature’s gone down,

23 (0.4)

24 Doc: Right,

25 Clr: But- (0.9) sh:sh:e’s still: losin’ a lot of (2.0)

26 (di- di- it’s) green, you know, [just green water,

27 Doc: [>Does sh- i-<

28 Doc: She’s ten, did you say¿

29 (0.8)

30 Clr: [(Yeah)/(Yes),

31 Doc: [Te- ten years old¿

32 Clr: Yeah,=

33 Doc: =Yes, ˙hh[h

34 Clr: [She’s gone ever so thin, she’s like a skeleton,

35 Doc: Is she? [˙hh

36 Clr: [(do it) and she’s keep[s cryin’ because she’s hungry,=

37 Doc: [p!

38 Clr: =but she can’t eat anything,

39 Doc: (An)/(N:)is she drinking plenty?

40 Clr: Yes, she’s drinkin’ plenty, but it’s just goin’ straight

41 through ‘er.<As soon as she drinks it it jes’ ˙hhh (sh)

42 [( )

43 Doc: [(Been) coming out straight out, is it?

44 Clr: Yes,

45 Doc: Yeah, ˙hh a:hm, have you given her anything at all apart from

46 just (0.4) drinks¿

47 Clr: No, just the drinks. ‘C- ’cause (at’s) what he said to me,

48 don’t give her anything to eat, jus’- ’cause she was sick as

49 well,

50 Doc: Was she¿

51 Clr: Ye[ah, but she stopped being sick, (sort’ve, well her stomach’s=

52 Doc: [Right,

53 Clr: =empty),

54 Doc: eYes, yes,

55 Clr: (˚But-)=

56 Doc: =˙h But she’s keeping all her fluids down¿

57 (1.4)

58 Clr: Yeah, n[ow she is, but-=

59 Doc: [Yeah,

60 Doc: =Yeah, ˙hh Now, I mean, the thing is- you could- .hh some people

61 say that it’s okay to: um try: (.) .h to eat a bit, (.) even

62 when you’re still having a bit of diarrhea,

63 Clr: Yes,

64 Doc: mt˙hh A:um, so it might be worth t:rying her o-just on some

65 simple (.) a light diet, ˙hh=

66 Clr: =˚(Ye[ah,)

67 Doc: [li:ke uh dry toast, ˙h[h

68 Clr: [˚Yes,

69 Doc: P’rhaps a-a-an- an egg or something,

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