Teaching plan for a group of 8 The Coumadin Therapy

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This is one part is going to be a Teaching Plan for a group of 8 and the sections of the paper was divided into 8 parts My part is Learning outcomes .I attach you a picture of the rubric .The Coumadin Therapy. It need to be in APA 1 page 1/2 and at lease 2 references

Develop a teaching plan based on an assigned scenario or case. Determine what elements you would include
in your assessment of the learner. Identify anticipated or expected learner needs. Select and prioritize
evidence based teaching strategies that would best meet the needs of the learner. Describe the resources
you would provide to enhance learning. Explain methods that would be used to evaluate learning outcomes.
Provide rationales for elements of your teaching plan supported by references from the required course
reading assignments. Use the teaching plan format assigned.

I need a paper for that par Learning outcomes related to Coumadin Therapy.Remember is a teaching plan for adults with different learning styles and you need to be creative using the learning outcomes.

The second part is to create a educational brochure based in all that ,but as I explain before is a group work I need to write a small part for a brochure related to my part Learning outcomes.It need to be simple because is to put in a brochure and it have to be educational

This is the instructor orientation(I only need my part related to learning outcomes for Coumadin Therapy) Please do it in another paper different to the Teaching Plan.

Identify a healthcare related learning need in your community and the characteristics of the population
impacted by the need. Design a single page trifold brochure to address the identified learning need.
Include evidence based instructions with references. Ensure that the brochure is appropriately designed
for the target population using concepts from health literacy, and considering the anticipated
developmental and cognitive levels of learners. Submit an analysis of readability with your brochure using
one of the tools on page 322-323 in the Miller & Stoeckel textbook. Demonstrate creativity while adhering to
education principals for written materials through the use of graphic design.

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