​Write a 7 page research paper2

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Write a 7 page research paper including your seven favorite or least favorite Art Historical Movements in this book (Living With Art, by Mark Getlein, 10th edition.).Include all pertinent artists and artworks (you must name a minimum of 14 artists, 2 per movement) that support your opinion. Include historical analysis from historians and critics from at least five sources in your paper. Your paper must include work by a minimum of 14 artists in the body of the text and examples of each work on a visual slide summary sheet at the end of the paper.

7 double-spaced pages of content not including the images and works cited page. This paper must include at least four sources. You must use a minimum of 2 physical book sources, more if you want, not including your textbook, and a maximum of 2 online sources. All papers must include a “works cited” page for all sources.

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