Compare their state standards and their curriculum planning ideas to your own, ece311 week 4 discussion help

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Respond to a classmate who lives in a different state than you do. Compare their state standards and their curriculum planning ideas to your own (California).

There are many standards in Ohio but I have chose to talk about the specific one ” Topic: Knowledge of Health Concepts and Behaviors: Body Awareness Standard Statements: Identify and describe the function of body parts.” (ODJFS, 2017). There are so many activities you can do to help teach your children their body parts and what they are used for. One of my favorite activities to do body parts I just learned when my daughter started preschool and it is called mat man. If you haven’t heard of it you can find it at. . . (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.The kids love this my daughter heard it playing so I could find the link and she ran in the computer room to be able to do it with the song. Not only does the song name the body parts it says what they are for as well. For example, Mat man has two eyes so that he can see.

Another activity you could do with the children is playing Simon says body parts when we play this we do the normal Simon says touch you heart and after they tough their heart we say your heart pumps blood throughout your body. Through out the year the children start picking up what the body parts do and they say what they do after we call them out. With the younger children it takes them a little longer to learn what they parts do but they pick up what their body parts are as they play.

A final activity that I have did wit my children to learn body parts I am not sure if I made up or got it from somewhere but it also names the body part and you move it for what it does. So the words would go chomp, chomp, chomp your mouth to help chew your food chomp, chomp, chomp, your mouth chew up all the food. When you first start the song they would point to the body part then do the action. I like closer to the end of the year to try and confuse them and switch body parts with the action and they think it is so funny and try to do it. Such as, Clap, clap, clap your feet clap them really loud clap, clap, clap your feet clap them really loud. It takes a simple rhyme they have done a million times new and fun again.

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