Play Critique

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  • Each critique must be at minimum of four paragraphs single-spaced.
  • Font- Times Roman Numeral or Calibri 11
  • Play title is italicized throughout the critique.
  • Do not describe the play’s plot, though you will need to use some descriptions of plot, theme, character, etc.
  • You will need the play program to use specific names
    of actors, characters, directors, designers, etc

You should answer three questions

1-What is being attempted?

2- was the attempt successful?

3-What component of theatre was responsible for the success?

I have included a photo that lists the name of the actors and an idea about what was the play about.

The character Kurdavva an old lady who made the play funny with her comedy with her son.

Man – the first character started the play in a confusing way however it then was explained very well

Rani – was married to a man who treated her badly and would leave her in the house all by her self all the time. Her husband only comes back during lunch time to eat and then leave again. At one night a Cobra that can shape shift, came to Rani looking like here husband and they spent the nights together. However, she didn’t know that it was a Cobra and then she was pregnant with the Cobra’s baby. People thought that it was a miracle and her husband started to treat her better after the incident.

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