please revise( almost rewrite ) this essay(6 pages)

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plz revise( almost rewrite) this essay,

this is an ethnographic research paper

this paper is too general about the topic.

so I want you to revise it.

You will examine a particular social or cultural issue of your choice, either through interviews or ethnographic observation or both. this time I decided the Chicano community.

Whatever topic you choose, make sure that your project is manageable, so that the research can be carried out in a relatively short period of time. The group/site studied should be specific, not general (i.e. a particular church, not “Christians,” or “hippie” styles at WWC, not “hippies.” Your report should focus on three or four important “points” that show how underlying cultural values or themes are expressed in the group, site, or issue you are exploring.

Research Methods

The research method you choose should be the one which will give you the most pertinent information for your particular project, and should involve one of the following or a combination:

  1. Ethnographic Observation
    1. Choose different public spaces or a single public space
    2. Take detailed notes on both the ethnographic frame (time of day, description of the site, etc.) and on all pertinent interactions that take place within it
  2. Interviews
    1. Depending on the nature of the topic, you should carry out either:
      • individual interviews
      • group interviews/focus groups (2 groups of 3-6 people, about one and a half hours each
    2. Prepare a list of questions beforehand but be flexible and allow the conversation to take its own path
    3. Either tape record the interview (with permission) or take good notes on what is said

I’ve already done for the interviews so don’t worry.

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