AU Improving Medication Adherence for Type Ii Diabetes Patients Under the Age of 20 Years Infographic

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You are a health care leader who has just finished your first Project Charter. Imagine that you have been invited to present your project in the form of a poster to your organization or at a professional conference. Prepare your poster to succinctly describe the different parts of your project in text, pictures, and graphs or statistics.

How might the results of the project be communicated to sponsors, stakeholders, team members? Think about how the project will benefit the target population, the organization, and those served. How does this project demonstrate leadership in terms of a process change for those served, the organization and/or the profession?


Using the NHS8040 Week 9 Poster Template [PPTX] , complete the following to create a poster that acts as a visual presentation of your Project Charter:

Apply your creativity while using charts, graphs, and visual images to tell your story for the change improvement you have created and the value to those served. The Poster Presentation Template will help organize your information, but feel free to change the colors, rearrange sections, and otherwise use it to meet the requirements for the assignment.

Include a title at the top of the poster.

Include a Gap Analysis that identifies the gap (difference between the current state and desired state), how the gap was identified, and why improvement is needed (importance/relevance).

  1. Include the problem statement (1–2 sentences) that focuses on one specific area that can be realistically solved and identify the effect on the population.
  2. Include the AIM Statement including the SMART Objectives, who will benefit, what will be done, where the change will occur, the timeline, and the impact on the population/process. 
  3. Planned Intervention: Include the proposed intervention, who will be involved in implementation, the process for the implementation, e.g., when, where, and how, and the potential effects on the population/process
  4. Project Team: List the team members, stakeholders, executive sponsor, and team leader, and their roles and contribution to the project (why they were selected).
  5. Data Management Plan: Describe the data management plan including what data will be collected, who will collect the data, when it will be collected, the storage and protection of the data and its interpretation and utilization (think about diversity, inclusion and use of data).
  6. Next Steps/Lessons Learned: What do you anticipate as the next 2–3 steps if you were actually going to implement this change? What is your anticipated outcome of the planned intervention? How will you know if it is successful?  What lessons did you learn via this process?

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