integrated delivery system (IDS) Power Point

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5–7 slides (excluding title and reference slides); Speaker notes: 75–150 words on each slide. Please follow all directions below..If I get an A will tip an additional $10

You are the director for an integrated delivery system (IDS)
materials-management department. Use the library, course materials, and Web
resources to research 1 of the following expansions in your organization:

  • Expansion of a labor and delivery wing
  • Creation of warfarin infusion center (heart patient treatment)

Then, create a PowerPoint presentation (5–7 slides with speaker notes) for
the IDS’s procurement committee. Make sure to respond to the following issues
about the supply and demand for this health care solution in your

  • Provide an overview of the health care solution.
  • What is the demand for this technology in your community?
  • Include a supply and demand graph to demonstrate your findings.
  • Make sure you use proper formatting for your presentation.
  • Include 75–150 words of speaker notes.
  • Include citations and a reference slide.

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