IT class

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each section should have 400 word count. its due today before 2000 california time.



Chapter 9: Securing Your System: Protecting Your Digital Data And Devices

Web Project 4: External Storage Drives

Chapter 9 talks about the importance of backing up your files. External storage devices such as hard drives or optical drives are fast, convenient, and inexpensive options. For this project, research the Internet for portable drives. Create a chart comparing three different storage drives. Include specifications such as data capacity, interface, throughput, and price. Which device would be best suited for your needs and why? Suggested Websites

Suggested Keywords

external storage, portable hard drives, optical backup drives


Part 2


Complete a Short Report on the following topic.






Making the Most of the Web’s Resources


Like most technology, the Internet and its uses continue to grow and evolve. Some people use the Internet to take online courses to earn college credit. Others use the Internet for entertainment purposes: instant messaging, listening to music, gaming, and so on. Still others use it for podcasting, blogging, and managing personal websites. Some use it for financial transactions, such as banking and selling or trading stocks online.


  1. What is your level of Internet interaction?
  2. For what do you use the Internet?
  3. What Internet tools and applications would you like to see developed in the future?
  4. How would those tools make your life easier and more enjoyable?






Web Browsing and Privacy






Privacy on the Internet is an important aspect that most people take for granted. We are looking for speed and convenience when using the Internet and love things that help us save time. Our browsers automatically track our browser history when we use the same computer. Internet Explorer has InPrivate Browsing, Google Chrome has Incognito mode, and Firefox has Private Browsing, but most consumers don’t know what these are or how they work to protect your privacy. Write a short report explaining how to erase your browser history on each of the three main browsers: Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox. Do you think the average person would like to know how to keep his or her browser history private? Why?
























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