Aggression and Prosocial behavior

Please respond to the following:

· examine the issues and suggest at least two (2) options for society to deal
with children who display aggressive bullying behaviors toward other children.

Take a position for or
against the statement: Parents should be held legally responsible for
aggressive bullying behaviors if another child is hurt physically. Support your
response with examples and / or references.

Behavior: Helping Others” Please respond to the following:

Describe a time in
which you (or someone you know*), witnessed a stranger in need and provided
help. Explain the reasons you provided help and any feelings of embarrassment
that the helper or receiver seemed to experience. (Do not use the names of
people you discuss.)

Examine the four (4)
primary theories of prosocial behavior (a) empathy-altruism hypothesis, (b)
negative-state relief, (c) empathetic joy, and (d) genetic determinism. Discuss
the two (2) that you believe influence people most. Explain your reasons.

For each of the four aforementioned topics I need four to five sentence that covers the issue, nothing profound so four solid paragraphs with four to five sentences on each issue, or more if you have time and you find the price right.

Team Dynamics Summary

Team dynamics are made up of many different aspects, and can be quite complex. This assignment allows you to bring together the concepts that you have learned this week to summarize and apply them to your own life.

Complete the worksheet located in Student Materials to the right.

Carefully read the instructions and notes at the top, answer all questions, include a minimum of two citations with references from the Learning Team Toolkit materials, and proofread/edit your work, then review the grading sheet at the end of the worksheet and make changes as needed before posting your final work.

Incorporate and format citations and references from research/sources with correct APA formatting (see APA formatting guidelines in the Centers for Writing Excellence for assistance).

Review the Plagiarism Policy and Written Work sections in the Instructor’s Policies document to help you avoid problems.

Unit 2 DB Management

Welcome to the CapsimCore™ Simulation class Discussion Board. Here, the class will collaborate about best practices related to the simulation. This is an ungraded forum that will remain open as a point of reference throughout the term. It is important to keep the discussion centered on the simulation, and not the topic of business strategy and policy. Please be professional. This is not a forum to complain. Please keep the conversation positive. Negativity will not be tolerated. You may ask questions, provide tips, or seek assistance from one another throughout the duration of the course. Everyone should participate and/or review in this forums regularly in the beginning of the course. You may contact your instructor directly with questions or concerns that are not answered in the forum.

You may access CapsimCore training resources in Google Drive.

Capsim® provides telephone support directly to participants Monday through Friday. The toll-free number for U.S. and Canadian callers is 877-477-8787; all others 1-312-477-7200. Questions about simulation rules, results, market conditions, tactical trade-offs and technical issues are fielded by courteous, knowledgeable, professional experts.


Hi everyone,

Education is supposed to be intriguing and fun! When did academics become separate from what students should be able to do outside of the University learning environment? Why did academics make professionals become so focused on being compliant with strict academic policies that are not used in business and industry? Why would a student want and need Professors to tell them exactly what to do and think, rather than thinking through a challenge on their own? The game based environment and theme of this course puts authentic learning and creative thinking back into the course curriculum design, connecting student work with meaningful, reality-based work. In this course, we hope to instill passion and personalization into the learning process for students to realize and unleash their strategic leadership abilities.

If you think of this course like a game, and you realize that this course has different components and requirements than most other courses you have taken before or are taking during this term, you will realize the value of this experiential learning journey and will hopefully enjoy the complexities and challenges ahead.

This is a multi-dimensional course experience consisting of the following components:

  • Extensive Research
  • Critical Thinking
  • Simulation (practical application and experiential immersion)
  • Communications (formal and informal)
    • Writing
    • Verbal
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Deliverable Instructions and Rubrics per Course Outcome

You will need to show mastery for each Course Outcome (If you don’t know what the Course Outcomes are, visit the Syllabus asap) by engaging in each of these components of the course by using the knowledge, skills, abilities, and behaviors you have developed both academically and professionally up until now. It is essential that you understand how to navigate or apply yourself in each component area of the course. For instance, if you have trouble understanding how to read assignment instructions in relation to the assignment rubrics, it is essential that you seek help from your instructor. If you have difficulties with writing, it is essential that you seek help from the writing center. If you are struggling with the simulation, you must contact the Capsim Core helpline for assistance. If you struggle with conducting research, contact your instructor and/or the librarians for assistance. Collaborating with your fellow learners on the ungraded team discussion board and the graded discussion boards can help you with critical thinking. Of course, you may also collaborate your instructor for help with critical thinking and reasoning. If you struggle with desktop publishing skills, practice makes perfect! You can seek some assistance from the writing center with regard to the formatting of documents, PowerPoints, etc. However, it will be up to you to apply creativity skills and put in the effort.

You start the course by understanding what strategy actually is by completely immersing yourself as an actor within the simulation. You are not playing above or outside of the game… you are literally the game, and the simulation is your professional environment. It’s important to imagine the different players in your organization, so you can create important fictitious actors like managers and leaders that span your organization from the corporate level to the functional levels of management. You should consider creating a fairly expansive organizational structure. As you imagine the organizational structure, it’s important to imagine the other organizational design components along the way. Components of your strategy include what is referred to as the enterprise level of strategy.

The enterprise level of strategy is an important part of your organizational identity. The elements of organizational identity (through the lens of an enterprise strategy) include:

  • strategy model
    • vision (story)
    • mission
    • philosophy
      • ideological position
    • purpose
    • values
    • policy
    • business model
      • form of business
      • governance structure
      • shareholders / partnership agreements
  • organizational structure
  • organizational culture
  • management strategy
    • corporate level
      • systems
      • technology
      • finance
      • administration
        • legal /compliance
        • communications
        • social media
      • marketing
      • operations
    • business level
    • functional level
  • organizational persona
    • branding
    • themes

It’s important to think of this gaming experience from the enterprise level of strategy perspective based on the components above. You should be conducting deep research on each of these topics, and using the anatomy of this enterprise strategy model to help you think multi-dimensionally about your Capsim Core simulation company.

This gaming experience is a form of Experiential Learning, which requires active learning and participation within a business environment. Your ability to reflect on your experiences, and use your experiences to develop the course deliverables, will apply “practice to theory.”

Connecting your research with your experiences is a critical part of your success in this course gaming experience. Your ability to behave, perform, execute, manage, and lead as a strategist will be judged by your instructor. Be as professional as possible.

Don’t forget… this is a game, and you are the main actor within the game, and your goal is to build the components of your organization (that you lead) using various aspects of strategic thinking, strategic design (modeling), and strategic decision-making. As the sole actor in this simulated learning experience, you will need to use your imagination and creativity to further construct your Capsim Core simulation company.

You will be challenged.

You will be overwhelmed.

But you must not feel mislead. This purpose of this course gaming experience is to help you become a sound business strategist. As the leader of your Capsim Core simulation company, you will be in a position of power to make many strategic decisions and to be a strategic leader. You must play the role. When executing the deliverables in this course, you will be writing from your position of power as the leader of your organization. This kind of experience will put a lot of pressure on you to make vital decisions, but we know you’re ready to succeed. You’ve come this far in your degree program… you have learned how to talk the talk, now let’s see how well you walk the walk.

Success is a Journey. Success is very cumulative by design. This means that everything you do now, and every step you take will contribute towards your personal success in the future. An exciting journey does lie ahead and the effort you put forth now to learn Management Strategy and policy will pay off later, and oftentimes forever!

Have fun gamers! Don’t hesitate to contact your instructor with any questions or concerns…

Allowing employees to bring pets to work, communications homework help

Having a positive work environment is conducive to maximum productivity and a minimum of employee complaints. Think about those days at work when just about everyone is in a good mood and everyone is willing to work hard to achieve goals–those days at work are the ones that keep employees wanting to go back and to work harder.

Imagine you want your company to enact a policy change that will function to increase employee morale. Morale has been low lately because of several negative incidents. You may use one of the following examples or seek approval from your faculty member for a different policy change:

  • Allowing employees to bring pets to work
  • Increasing the amount of vacation/personal time allotted to employees
  • Allowing employees to telecommute
  • Providing free massages at work
  • Serving free drinks/food

Complete both parts of this assignment.

Part 1

Research support for your proposal with at least one relevant and credible source that boosts your message. Use the University Library to research.

Complete the University of Phoenix Material: Source Evaluation Matrix for two sources.

Part 2

Write a 500- to 750-word proposal to the leadership in your organization, suggesting your selected change. Be sure to apply effective writing methods you learned in Ch. 12 of Excellence in Business Communication.

Format your assignment according to the sample provided and appropriate course-level APA guidelines.

Submit both parts of your assignment to the Assignment Files tab as ONE Microsoft Word document attachment.

I need help with 5 discussion questions for my HR class

Please answer each of the questions in at least 150 words and cite references used

  • Discuss your position on executive compensation. Is executive compensation excessive or appropriate?
  • ( Respond the to following post in 150 words to further discussion)There have been many new laws passed to help satisfy investor concerns over executive compensation. Changes in SEC reporting requirements have forced companies to include an “Executive Compensation Discussion and Analysis” section to accompany future pay documentation in all SEC forms. This section requires a “readable” explanation of how the compensation was determined and what it encompasses. Other laws have been more direct in curbing practices the companies themselves use. One prime example of this was the removal of the deferred compensation tax shelter that helped many executives avoid millions in taxes. Moreover, improvements in other tax loopholes have made it much harder for boards to justify large payouts and hide these payouts from investors.
  • What impact will flexible work schedules have on employees’ commitment to their employers? How about on employee productivity?Please share your experiences in this area.
  • ( Respond the to following post in 150 words to further discussion) Another great benefit that companies are now offering is telecommuting.With so many advancements in technology it is easier for employees to connect via vpn to their company platforms and do their work.This type of benefit allows employees to have a great work life balance.I telecommute in my current position, but I have the option to be in the office if I choose.I feel that working from home allows me to be more productive with less distractions.Some people might think differently, but as long as my work is done there are no issues.It takes a lot of discipline to ensure that you are productive and technology makes it easier for anyone to reach you.I’ve been asked if I work long hours, but being able to set my own hours and having flexibility with my schedule removes that thought from my mind.I do however set a certain amount of hours in which I need to complete my daily work which allows me the balance that I need.
  • Please read the section of this chapter regarding the rising wages within China and more recently evaluate whether the U.S. and China will actually go into a trade war or is this all talk? Provide your analysis to this timely subject. Please see attachment for the article

Consent Form and Literature Search Assignment

Objective: To understand and appreciate the ethical responsibilities researchers have to protect the rights of participants involved in research studies and to further develop your literature search skills.

Assignment: Fully develop and construct a viable INFORMED CONSENT FORM for an experimental research study employing the guidelines and ethical codes provided in your textbook (Research Methods, Design, and Analysis – 12th edition ISBN: 9780205961252 by Larry B. Christensen) discussed in class (Power point attached), and other credible sources. The assignment must also comport to the following requirements:

1)Locate and provide a psychological experimental study article (full-text length, not just abstract). This study must accompany the assignment.

2)The experimental study must have been published within October, 2015 to October, 2018 time frame.

3)The experimental study must have “adult humans” as the participants studied.

4)You should identify yourself in the consent form as the researcher conducting the study, with the experiment taking place in the Department of Psychology at (I will fill in) State University.

Physiological Psychology: Consciousness and Sleep

Option A: Evaluate one of the disorders of consciousness covered this week. Explain theories of etiology (causation), including the neuroanatomical structures, neurotransmitter/receptor systems, and the functional nervous system pathways involved. Include an analysis of the contribution of genetics, the environment, and lifestyle to the development and natural history of the condition. Provide information regarding diagnostic criteria and evaluate options for care interventions (both pharmacologic and nonpharmacologic). Lastly, identify the neuroanatomical structures and any neurotransmitter/receptor systems involved.  

You must use a minimum of one peer-reviewed source that was published within the last five years, documented in APA style, as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.  Your post should be a minimum of 250 words. You may cite and reference your textbook, required reading and/or multimedia, but these will not fulfill the source requirement.  

Option B: Evaluate one of the sleep disorders covered this week. Explain theories of etiology (causation), including the neuroanatomical structures, neurotransmitter/receptor systems, and the functional nervous system pathways involved.  Include an analysis of the contribution of genetics, environment, and lifestyle to the development and natural history of the condition. What information can you add regarding diagnostic criteria? Evaluate the options for care interventions (both pharmacologic and nonpharmacologic).  Lastly, identify the neuroanatomical structures and any neurotransmitter/receptor systems involved.  

You must use a minimum of one peer-reviewed source that was published within the last five years, documented in APA style, as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. Your post should be a minimum of 250 words. You may cite and reference your textbook, required reading and/or multimedia, but these will not fulfill the source requirement

Complete Tech Diacussion

Due November 13, 2018

You have 2 main tasks:

1) Watch the following youtube video by Martin Hiedegger,

2) Summarize your thoughts to video

a) Martin’s reference to existentialism in technology

b) Existentialism s influence of technology

c) How technology has advanced and current utilization of technology and what does Martin mean by “Essence” and “Free Relations”

d) Your own point of view regarding the video (did it help to clarify or confirm your own beliefs, did video appear relevant, etc.)

e) You can complete this in two or three (no more then 5) paragraphs.

3) You do not have to respond to one of you classmate’s entries, but please feel free to review your classmates’ responses.

Inventory Management Assessment

The purpose of this assignment is for you to develop an inventory plan for the Jones company. You will accomplish this goal by performing an ABC analysis on Jones’ stock. You will also calculate the EOQ’s for the items.


Now that you’ve assisted Jones Company with their customer demand forecasts, master schedule, and MRP schedule, it’s time to help them get a handle on managing their inventories. You have two objectives.

  1. Create an ABC analysis for the following components and recommend at least three ways Jones should manage the inventory of these items based on your analysis.

Part Number

Annual Usage





















2. Calculate EOQs for these items. Ordering costs for the first five items are $50 and for the second five items are $70. Carrying costs for the first seven items are $3 per unit per year and for the last three items are $4. Identify the total costs of obtaining inventory and the total cost of keeping inventory for each item.

NOTE:All submitted work is to be your original work. You may not use any work from another student, the Internet or an online clearinghouse. You are expected to understand the Academic Dishonesty and Plagiarism Policy, and know that it is your responsibility to learn about instructor and general academic expectations with regard to proper citation of sources as specified in the APA Publication Manual, 6th Ed. (Students are held accountable for in-text citations and an associated reference list only).

Required Elements of the ABC Assessment:

  • Create a Complete ABC analysis of the items in Jones’ inventory found in the table.
  • Explain in detail how you arrived approached the application of the ABC assessment.
  • Make at least three recommendations as to how Jones might best manage the inventory of the items listed in the table. Explain in detail why these recommendations would prove a better means of controlling the inventory thereby saving the company money.

Required Elements of the EOQ Assessment:

  • Identify the total costs of obtaining inventory.
  • Identify the total cost of keeping inventory for each item.
  • Explain how this information will affect your recommendations made from the ABC analysis. If there is no change, why or why not?
  • What changes might Jones adopt to better manage their inventories?

Required Formatting of Supply Chain Trade-Off Assessment:

  • This report should be double spaced, 12-point font, and two pages in length excluding the title page and reference page;
  • Title page;
  • Third person writing is required. Third person means that there are no words such as “I, me, my, we, or us” (first person writing), nor is there use of “you or your” (second person writing).
  • Contractions are not used in business writing, so you are expected NOT to use contractions in writing this assignment.
  • Use APA formatting for in-text citations and reference page. You are expected to paraphrase and not use quotes. Deductions will be taken when quotes are used and found to be unnecessary;
  • The expectation is that you provide a robust use of the course readings. No other books besides the course eBook can be used. When using a source document, the expectation is that the information is cited and referenced with a page or paragraph number;

Answer the reading questions

it should be a page and do not use other sources. Apa style, and no plagiarism please. Also the reading is att

Read Ch 6 in iBook on Ethics and Ch. 15-The Introduction and beginning with the phrase “Rhetoric is useful” found on pg 223 until 226 at the end of the first paragraph ending with the line “This is perhaps a sufficient account…”

What are some of the “ethical” considerations that Aristotle mentions in his treatise?

Can you offer some examples of speech that is rhetorical (that is, persuasive and/or convincing) and dishonest? What do you think about this kind of use of language?