Pick three recent conflicts you ve been involved communications homework help

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  • Pick three recent conflicts you’ve been involved in
  • For each conflict:
  • Discuss how these conflicts differ and what you discovered about rules involved in conflict and the contextual nature of such rules
  • Use concepts from your text book chapters 7 – 10 to discuss and explain (bold each concept when you use it)

oConflict #1 = interpersonal conflict

oConflict #2 = group conflict

oConflict #3 = computer mediated conflict

oBriefly describe the situation .

oIdentify the frame of reference (where each of you was coming from HONESTLY, not where you THINK the other person was coming from)

oDiscuss the outcome of the conflict

oDiscuss how the conflict altered (positive or negative) the relationship and your communication competence.

oFeel free to mention anything else that is appropriate (e.g., what types of filters were in effect, cultural background, etc.)

Papers should be TYPED and no less than 2 pages using adequate font (e.g., 12 pt. times new roman) and margins (1”). You need a cover page. You should proofread for errors in grammar, spelling, etc. as such errors represent your work as less professional and may lead to miscommunication.


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