comp 230 lab 03 1

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Part 01

Write a vbscript that asks the user for three numbers and displays the sum and the average. Submit your lab as a single word document with screenshots of the code and the output.

Part 02

Write a VBS that asks the user to enter the day of the week. Based on the user’s input, instruct the user to run the following programs:

Sunday: Virus Scan

Monday: Ipconfig

Tuesday: Restart

Wednesday: netstat

Thursday: Tasklist

Friday: Disk Clean up

Saturday: Defrag

If the user enters an incorrect input display an error message. You may use if-else or the select statement. Submit the VBS code and output screenshots.

Part 03

1) Modify Part 01 lab to run 3 times using any looping structure.

2) Modify Part 02 lab to run until the user decides to quit

Submit both scripts and screenshots in a single word document.

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