final reflection essay 4

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No hard work needed just a normal work.

Format: 5 pages double-spaced, 12 point Times New Roman font

8 ½ x 11 inch paper

MLA guidelines (see Gilbaldi)


What I want you to do is prepare a thoughtful “reflection” of the semester. Incorporate what you’ve learned about and from the different writing styles and persuasive techniques, subjects, authors, films, handouts, etc. that we’ve studied as well as any of the other “lessons” (i.e. political strategy, freedom, equality, tolerance, civil involvement, civil protest, religious and secular faith, hope and healing, etc.) you’ve learned through our class. In addition to the aforementioned you have to include thoughts on the Faith and Doubt documentary as well as your experience dealing with COVID-19 and how it’s altered your educational process. Your final piece must reflect thoughtful critical thinking – do not provide a quick “cookie-cutter” piece of work.

Evaluative Criteria:

A successful piece will…

Have a clear objective that directly addresses the assignment.

Effectively introduce the focus of your piece while providing a sense of the appropriate context of the piece.

Provide a smooth and efficient flow of information, making logical transitions from one idea to the next.

Demonstrate stylistically mature writing that is free from repetitively simplistic sentences, inappropriate word choice/language use, ineffective repetition of words, and abrupt transitions.

Follow the conventions of grammar, spelling, and punctuation and be reasonably free of mechanical errors.

Use MLA documentation properly, including formatting, sourcing and citation.

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