Criminal Justice Request 4

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Anyone with a positive self-image; learned moral values; support of their parents, peers, teachers, and neighbors can resist inducement to crime.

Write a 2 page essay entitled Socialization and Crime.

Use the following sentence as your thesis sentence in your essay.

“The social process approach – an individual’s socialization-determines the likelihood of criminality.”

Discuss the following theories to support or contradict the essay’s thesis.

  1. Social Learning Theory
  2. Social Control Theory
  3. Social Reaction Theory

Include a title page, body of the paper, at least 2 references.  (Only the body of the paper will count in page limit requirement).  Only 1 internet reference will be allowed.  At least one of the references must be from: 

Government Information


Bureau of Labor Statistics


Supreme Court Database


Thomas, Library of Congress


U.S. Census Bureau



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