login and complete my business management masters degree final exam high level tutor only 1

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I hope this message finds you safe and sound!

You have a 12 hour window to begin the exam. Only begin the exam if you feel you have high level business field expertise. Once you begin the exam, the exam will be timed and you will only have 1 hour and 20 minutes to complete it. The extended time window is intended to provide each student added flexibility in selecting the most convenient time to complete the exam.

There will be only true/false and multiple-choice type questions, and you will have 80 minutes to answer 50 questions. Your exam questions will be viewable on your screen one question at a time. Please follow the instructions on your screen carefully before saving/submitting your answers. IMPORTANT: It is your responsibility to secure a reliable and dependable computer with internet connection.

You can take the exam at any time over the access period but will have only one chance to take the exam. Once you start the exam, exiting it for whatever purpose will exhaust your chance. So, please arrange accordingly before you start when you know you can finish it without any disturbance. There are no make-up exams regardless of any reason. Again, please note that only one attempt is allowed and it is accessible only during the time specified above.

Login information will be provided once a tutor is selected.

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