modern theatre choose 2 of these and answer in essay form 2 pages only

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Choose 2 of these and answer in essay form. Don’t forget to mention the title of the play when you begin. Assume the reader doesn’t see the question.

  • In HOW I LEARNED TO DRIVE, ere all of the aspects of Peck and Li’l Bit’s relationship negative? Were there ways in which they helped each other? Do you think that their relationship was at all constructive, or entirely destructive?
  • Towards the end of HOW I LEARNED TO DRIVE, Li’l Bit’s mother tells her that if anything were to happen with Peck she would hold Li’l Bit personally responsible. To what extent is Li’l Bit responsible for the events that take place? Should anyone else be held accountable?
  • In AUGUST:OSAGE COUNTY, Why is the fact that Little Charles and Ivy are in love a problem for the family? Does Charles Senior know that Little Charles isn’t his son, and if so, why is he so compassionate towards the boy, while Mattie Faye is not?
  • In AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY, Why does Karen side with Steve after Johnna accuses him of forcing himself on Jean?
  • In RUINED, Which male character do you most sympathize with and why?
  • Discuss the role of power in RUINED. Who has it, how does it shift, and why is it important?
  • How is FEATHERS AND TEETH a retelling of HAMLET? What is similar about it, and what had to be changed to make it work in a modern context?

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