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In the Signature Assignment essay, students will choose for analysis one of the films (see list in attached file) on the list posted . This assignment gives students the opportunity to display their knowledge of ethical topics and concerns by applying what they have learned to a film with deep moral themes. Importantly, students must reference some of the thinkers (around three in number) studied in the class and show how their moral reasoning fits the major themes of the chosen film. The signature assignment is not an “I liked it a lot” or “This film is really cool” kind of evaluation. Rather, this essay articulates a thoughtful and well-reasoned connection between film media and the content of the course. Do not just report on the film but also evaluate its philosophical/ethical concerns. Please, view your instructor as a resource in completing the signature assignment essay

A word of warning: this is NOT primarily a research paper, though some research might be useful. SOURCES MUST BE CITED if research plays a role in the signature assignment. See the section below regarding academic integrity. The signature assignment should be at least 1000(excluding title page and reference list) words in length.

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