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What he wants to hear is the student’s point of view and idea about the chosen topic, the flow should be natural and paper doesn’t have to be strictly academic

“General reminders

● Do not summarize the action or the meaning of the text.

● Do not psychologize the characters, ie, pretend that these are real people with existences outside the text about whose lives we can speculate. When it comes to these characters and settings, if isn’t in the text, we don’t know it.

● Do not use the five-paragraph essay format, or a funnel paragraph, or any of the other “forms” you might have been given to write papers with that impose a highly restrictive and artificial set of limits on your paper. Break paragraphs roughly at topic changes.

● Be repetitious, or use vocabulary you aren’t comfortable with.

● Do not forget — a piece is more persuasive the more personal it sounds. So try to write more or less as you would speak to a person, rather than trying to be formal.

As a reminder, they should be at least eight pages, 12pt font, with 1 inch margins. If you like, you are more than welcome to include a note reflecting on how you revised your paper, so I have an idea of what to look for. I enclose the two sources you used and you paper marked up to show which paragraph came from which source.”

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