homework business externalities and business environmentalism summary

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Read Case 25 New Belgium Brewing on page 718

-List the way this company considered its external stakeholders.

-Then explain how this benefits the company and its stakeholders.

-Name at least two other companies that work to serve the environment as a stakeholder.

Submit a written summary (500-700 words not including works cited) of your findings. Cite your sources using APA format.

*Note: I already wrote this:

“There are many ways that the company considered their stakeholders and this can be shown by the responsibility that the company took in order to keep the environment sustainable. First, they were using another source of energy, which is solar power, because it is more environmental friendly. Second, their usage of water, which was reduced and conserved in every production process. Third, their recycling strategy. They were responsible of disposing their waste as well as recycling all that can be recycled. They even tried to change their packaging so that it would be easier to be recycled. Lastly, they set a goal to reduce their carbon footprint by 50%. They started working on that by changing their bottles to cans, which creates less carbon emissions. All of these steps demonstrate how the company is being social responsible. They also care about heir customers, which are considered stakeholders, by providing a high quality beer.

Since the environment is one of the company’s stakeholders, these steps will provide a better future for the environment in the long run. And this will benefit the company’s reputation among customers. This will lead into having a better brand value between their competitors.

One company that works to serve the environment is Patagonia. They donated $46 million in donations for the environment with their 1% for the planet plan, which is donated from their sales (Patagonia: A Sustainable Outlook on Business). Another company that is environmental responsible is Disney. They are using direct greenhouse gas emission that is zero net as well as reducing electrical consumption for indirect greenhouse gas emissions (Erichlawson, n.d).”

Feel free to add or subtract, whatever needs to be done to make it good 🙂

Text me so I can send you the rest of the case, Can’t upload it all here.

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