sentence modifier and coordinator

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Part 1 .. In a separate document, revise the following sentences that contain either dangling or misplaced modifiers. Note:There will be more than one way to fix these sentences.

Part 2 .. In a separate document, identify each underlined phrase as a participial, appositive, or absolute modifying phrase.

Part 3 .. Using conjunctions and appropriate punctuation, fix sentences that have grammatical problems (such as run-on sentences or problems with parallel structure) and combine shorter sentences to make them longer. Some options for conjunctions are “and,” “but,” “or,” “if,” “until.”Some types of punctuation are , : ; —.

Part 4 .. Identify the class of every word in the following sentences. Place your labels below the words: noun (n), verb (vb), adjective (adj), adverb (adv), determiner (det), auxiliary (aux), qualifier (qual), preposition (prep), conjunction (conj), expletive (exp), particle (part), pronoun (pro).Remember:Some words can serve as members of different classes, depending on how they are used.

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