pen production factory simulation laboratory report template format doc 1

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Upload your Pen Kit Factory Exercise here or you can turn a hard copy in to me upon completion of the pen activity. Make sure the file is a Microsoft Word ( .doc ) file or Text ( .txt) or Rich Text Format ( .rtf ) so I can open it. You can use the Save As feature to choose either of these.

You will need to download this word document file and use it to create your Pen Production lab report.

Read what is in Red…..then enter your text. Switch the color of the text to black when you are complete.

You will also need to enter your name in the header as well as the date.

Don’t forget your technical article correlation for this activity report.

Remember, this is a template and there are some key indicators in RED to help you along but they are not the limit to what you can add into the report. I will be reading for clarity and documentation of your procedure as well as an image of your pen. You should be looking at quality characteristics too.

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