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Viruses and Malware

Complete the case project on page 82 of the textbook by researching two types of viruses, two types of malware, and two types of denial of service attacks using the internet or any other type of resource available to you.

  • Next, write at least a two page paper in current APA format that lists each of the researched items, how they are used to attack a system or network, and what types of defenses can be put in place to protect against those attacks.
  • Find an article which describes the compromise of a company organization through a virus or malware. Write a one page paper in APA format summarizing the security incident and how it was resolved or what actions could have been taken to prevent it.


For an international town’s 10-person IT staff, upgrading its network security initiative meant expanding its multivendor Gigabit and Fast Ethernet network and ensuring that its growing volume of e-government services, including one line tax payment, license application fillings and housing services, function without network intrusions. To accomplish this purpose, how would the town go about guarding against increasing waves of computing viruses, malware, and denial of service (DoS) attacks?

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