cybersecurity firewall essay

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A small legal firm has hired you as a consultant to make recommendations for their security posture after a recent compromise of their cloud storage service through email phishing. They have decided to expand their business to an additional office location and will need to share data between the two locations. They have 75 employees at their main office and 28 employees at the new location about 100 miles away. They have added two small data centers at each location. The data centers are in the center of their facilities. Their data is considered as proprietary and sensitive.

To properly protect this company from attacks you need to research physical, logical, and administrative controls. List your recommendations and include detailed justification for your choices using a “defense in depth” methodology. Describe HOW each control supports security.

Minimum requirements should include:

Network Security Controls

Endpoint Security Controls

Physical Entry controls

Administrative Controls

Disaster Recovery Controls

You can add additional items that you see as being beneficial.

Minimum is 2 pages in APA Format

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