i need a five page essay written it also has to have a page and a reference page

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A five- to ten-page paper (A five page paper will usually contain about 2000 words) is expected to be turned in by November 11, 2018, as part of the requirements for the course. The title page and the reference page are in addition to the minimum of five pages for your paper. The paper is expected to be typed (double spaced) with a minimum of five pages. The student is to use 1-inch margins and use a font size no larger than 12. Please use Times Roman Font. You must cite the sources you use on a reference page.

The topic for the paper is: Compare and Contrast the Learning Principles of Pavlov’s Classical Conditioning and Skinner’s Operant Conditioning. The essay should be broken up in the following format:

1) Define and Explain Pavlov’s Classical Conditioning

2) Define and Explain Skinner’s Operant Conditioning

3) How are classical and operant conditioning alike and how are they different?

4) How has your life been affected by classical and operant conditioning?

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