business ethics 82

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Write a 7-8 page Case Study analysis and offer a moral position regarding any Business Ethics Topic found in the recent news (within the last 2 years) The format of the paper should be as follows:

  • 7-10 pages, double spaced, in 11-12 point font, with one inch margins. The title and your name should only take up two lines of space on the top margin.
  • Grammar and spelling count! This is an upper division course so I am assuming that you can write and college level essay at this point in your careers.
  • Regarding citations — you may use either the MLA or APA style for textual citations and bibliography.
  • Content: Each paper offers a formal ethical analysis of a case study. Where relevant, you should always address the following items when you examine a case:
  1. Moral Agents: Who were the primary players? What did they do that was morally relevant? Players can be individual persons or companies.
  2. Morally Relevant facts: What do we know about the case? What is alleged about the case v the facts pertaining to the case?
  3. What moral theory do you think best addresses the case? Explain why by contrasting how each theory would approach the case.
  4. What is your view and what moral principle(s) do you think are crucial to your argument?
  5. At least 4 sources for your information.

Good Sources:
Government Regulatory Websites
Major Business Journals
The Wall Street Journal is especially good
Major Newspapers and News Magazines (These always have sections on Business Activities)

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