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it’s the same discerption but u will still need to see the previous discerption because i have not mention the whole points and also i have sent u some additional points in the messages so please go over them again.


The peer review process allows you to respond to your peers’ drafts as fellow writers working toward the common goal of producing properly formatted, useful, and insightful essays. Both you and your peers will be using each other’s comments and recommendations to improve your work. As a result, your individual commitment to peer review has a real impact on the success of the entire class. As you become competent peer reviewers, you will find that you gain new insights on how to improve your own work.

This Part 3 assignment asks you to respond to your peers’ work by inserting at least 7 appropriate community comments and at least 4 thoughtful in-text comments that consider both global and local concerns, 1-2 sentences in each rubric category box, and a 1-2 sentence endnote that lets the writer know what is working well and what areas to focus on in his or her final draft revision. Be sure to point to specific examples within the draft to help guide the writer with your feedback.

Generally, for this assignment, I do need for three text comments, five community comments. Also, I do need short summaries in about two sentences including:

1- Analysis of the article.

2- Evidence of the article.

3- Organization of the article.

4- Style and format of the article.

For these four elements, I gonna attach for you an example that will definitely benefit you.

Here, you should know what text comments and community comments do mean:

Text comments: Any comments that could improve the quality of the article. For example, if you find mistakes in transition words, you can do comment for that. Also, in text comments, you can say anything nice for the article. For example, if you find a strong evidence for the topic sentence, you can mention that.

Community comments: there are 8 types for community comments including style, organization, analysis, evidence and grammar. What I want you to focus on the high order like analysis, evidence and organization.

I gonna attach for you some types of community comments with its parts to be ready for doing the community comments easily.

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