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Ethics and the Advanced Generalist Social Worker

The field of social work integrates ethics throughout all systems, including the client, colleagues, the profession of social work, and the community. The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) provides us with ethical guidelines to follow and incorporate into our practice.

In this unit’s readings, Chapter 3 from Krogsrud Miley, O’Melia, and DuBois (2017) explored professional values and practice principles. Reflect upon those values and principles in relation to how you apply these concepts to your work as a social worker.

Consider the Campbell case study as you complete the following for this discussion question:

  1. Identify an area within this family case study using the family or one of the family members (Karen, Joe, Kali, or Jacob) that creates an ethical dilemma you may face in practice (for example, cultural competence, self-determination, confidentiality, social injustice, or informed consent).
  2. Review the National Association of Social Workers Code of Ethics, as provided in your readings, and apply one of the ethical standards to this key issue by discussing how you would apply this ethical standard to this potential ethical dilemma.
  3. Complete your response by identifying how your personal values conflict and align with NASW Code of Ethics in relation to this key issue of clinical practice (for example, negative versus positive).

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