Position Essay on Student Source Use

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Please Provide The Following:

Draft 1 (2 pages minimum)

Draft 2 (4 pages minimum)

Final Draft

this essay asks you to analyze and interpret sources. however, this essay asks that you take a position on your own student writing and source use by combining primary source artifacts (your own essays and drafts) with secondary sources.

In this Project you will consider what scholars have suggested about how student writers use sources, what types of sources most interest them, how and why plagiarism happens, etc., and then ultimately assert a position regarding what your own source use strategies are and how you engage with research and revision. You may bring in one or two primary sources (essays, writings assignments) from another course to support your assertions about yourself as a writer.

You should include specific details (paraphrase, summary, and direct quotation) from your writing and from two or more articles about source use as evidence for your claims. Use in-text citations when you cite these texts, and include a works cited page at the end of your essay. In-text citations and the works cited page should be in MLA format.

The essay should have a clear thesis stated in a short introductory paragraph (3-4 sentences), body paragraphs that clearly relate to and support that thesis, and a conclusion that does not simply repeat your thesis. Please use a 12-point standard font and 1″ margins.

You must cite two of these in your essay:

  • Randall McClure’s “Examining the Presence of Advocacy and Commercial Websites in Research Essays of First-Year Composition Students”
  • Les Perelman’s “Information Illiteracy and Mass Market Writing Instruction”
  • Howard, Moore, Rodrigue, and Serviss’s “Writing from Sources, Writing from Sentences”
  • Chris Anson’s “Fraudulent Practices: Academic Misrepresentations of Plagiarism in the Name of Good Pedagogy”

You may also cite James M. Lang’s “It’s Not You”

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