Write a short essay that responds to the following prompt. 400 to 500 words

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Write a short essay that responds to the following prompt. Your essay should be 400 to 500 words. If shorter than 400 words of text, there will be a grade reduction. If your paper exceeds 500 words — note that I will stop reading at 600 words.

At the discretion of the instructor, points will be taken off any response that does not fulfill all of these goals. Late points will be deducted according to the standard late submission policy.

Essay Do’s and Don’t

  • Do properly cite everything in the paper that you are using or copying from outside sources in APA format and use proper, college-level writing.
  • Do utilize critical writing and critical thinking.
  • Don’t make up your own and think it will not have a detrimental effect on your grade.
  • Don’t copy more than 20 percent of the paper.
  • Don’t write in the first person or in conversational tone. This is an academic paper, not a personal conversation. Sorry to be so blunt; but, this is not a writing class.

Essay Prompt

Respond to one of the essay prompts below:

  1. List and explain the three models of incarceration that have been prominent during the past five decades. Also, be sure to identify what time period each model was most strongly advocated. Which model is most frequently used today and why?
  2. Define the phrase “prison subculture”. What types of characteristics make up this subculture? Define and discuss what is meant by the “inmate code”? Finally, define the term “prisonization”; be sure to discuss how it relates to the larger prison subculture.

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