History Myths

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Frankly, many of the stories we hear, and even learned about in grade school, are myths, about US history, that we have perpetuated throughout the centuries. In some cases, they may be half-truths, while in others, they just never happened. How many of us learned about George Washington chopping down a cherry tree, and then being unable to lie about it. It is possible that some of these have remained fixed in our culture because they produce good citizens, while in others, it may relieve our guilt for past transgressions. Whatever the case, these myths exist in great measure.

For this forum, you will need to Google “US history myths,” and in a minimum of 250 words, tell us what the myth is, what is the reality, and finally, why you think this it has been immortalized in the American consciousness. For this last part, there is no wrong or right answer. More than anything, I am looking for your opinion. If possible, you should try to limit your myth to a period in history that is relevant to the time period covered by this course. Please no myths before the year 1877, as this is the cut-off point for HIST 102. Also, please avoid conspiracy theories about Pearl Harbor, JFK, or 9/11, as they are untenable positions in light of widely-accepted historic facts.

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