Corporate Finance Questions

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Please answer each question in 180 words minimum. Cite your references and consign each question to the reference you used.

  • Do some outside research and compare and contrast the different types of annuities and why someone would use them. Please remember to cite any of the websites that you use.
  • Identify the factors used to calculate present and future cash flows.
  • Compare and contrast the characteristics of zero coupon bonds, government bonds and corporate bonds. In your response, outline what type of investor would own each of them.
  • Understand the relationship between interest rates and bond values.
  • Review how time to maturity and the coupon rate affect interest rate risk.
  • Describe how capital gains and dividend growth affect stock prices.
  • Review how the price-to-earnings ratio and enterprise value ratios are used to compare stock values.
  • Read the attached Article and respond with your thoughts and observations. Please do not just respond with it was good.

Format References in APA Format

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