Discussion Board – Module 3

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My course is Accounting for Health Administration.

  1. (Recording Financial Information- Chapter 7) The outside reading article entitled, “Redesigning Chart of Accounts Can Serve Broader Objectives” by Fred H. Mitchell and Cheryl Mitchell, briefly discuss the modifications that you would recommend to your organizations Chart of Accounts based on changes resulting from the Affordable Care Act that would affect your current operations.
  2. (Reporting Financial Information- Chapter 8) The statement of cash flows complements the accrual-based income statement by allowing users to assess a company’s performance on a cash basis. It also goes beyond presenting data relating to operating performance and looks at other activities that affect a company’s cash position. Please comment (hint: check out the three categories of cash flow on the Statement of Cash Flows).

350 WORDS – 500 WORDS.

I attached chapter 7-8. You have to read it well.

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