ENGLISH 2 Reflection Essay, English homework help

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Write a personal reflection essay about the material in this class and your writing process.

The essay should be 1 to 2 pages double-spaced.

No research is required.

It should be written in first person..

The purpose of a Reflection Essay is to look back on what you experienced and learned during a course and to see what discoveries you made, about the work and/or about yourself and/or about the world.

This essay is personal and subjective. Your opinions and thoughts are yours and what understandings you come to are yours as well.

Here are some guideline questions to answer that might help form you Reflection Essay.

In your first paragraph you might answer the following question,

What did I learn in terms of the actual material?

In your second paragraph you might answer,

What did I see about myself while studying this material?

In your third paragraph, you might answer,

What did I see about people and the world while studying this material?

This was an English 2 class that focused mostly on Romantic Poets

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