eval and assessment in counseling

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Assignment Instructions

The student should create this assignment as a Word document and attach the completed assignment in the section below this one. Then click the pink Submit Assignment button located at the top of this document to submit it to the instructor for grading.

Research/Critique Paper Assignment: Write a 4-6 page test critique of a psychological test instrument selected by the student and approved by the instructor that includes elements described below, APA style, as outlined in the APA Manual, must be used. Points will be forfeited if proper format is not used.

Elements of Assignment: The following elements must be incorporated into a critique of a psychological assessment instrument:

? Test title

? Publisher and date of publication

? Description of the purpose and nature of the test

? Professionals qualified to administer and evaluate

? Test forms available

? Normative standardization data must be explained

? Populations for which the instrument is appropriate

? Types of derived scores provided

? Test administration procedures

? Examinee responding mode

? Type of test items

? Theory on which the test is based

? Validity and reliability information

? Evaluate usefulness of this test for your purposes as a future counselor

? Summary

? References: Use the test manual, journal articles, Mental Measurement Yearbook,

Internet references, other

Must have 5 or more references within the past 5 years, at least 3 from a peer reviewed journal.

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