Management analysis short essay about Nike

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Company: Nike

Area of management: Human resources.

Based on the area of management above, prepare the following:

1/ Rationale/description on why your team choose this area of management to focus on

2/ Risk Assessment- what happens if this area of management isn’t improved and why

3/ Best Practice Assessment- what are the peer companies doing well in this area of management (give specifics). The best practices must include references to at least 3 concepts. For example, for Human Resources, you could include: Performance, Compensation, Appraisals, Staffing, and Training/Development.

4/ Recommendation- what actions do you recommend your target company take to improve based on the risk assessment and best practice assessments, what actions does your group recommend the target company take to improve in the selected area of management. Aim for 2-3 recommendations and be as specific as possible.

Note: Must be a minimum of 2 pages. Cite all the sources at the end (Not included in the 2 pages). No plagiarism or you will receive zero grade.

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