Week 1 Discussion 1 CRJS-8350-3

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Week 1 Discussion

Governmental Responses to Crime: Ancient-Contemporary Comparisons

As you study criminal justice, it is imperative to examine the
various responses to crime through history. Traditionally, responses
were focused on current issues without connecting the historical
relationship between groups, institutions, cultures, and governmental
ideologies. Understanding the historical context of contemporary
criminal justice responses is critical.

For this Discussion, you compare ancient governmental responses
around the world to crime with contemporary responses to crime. Select a
specific crime, and using the Learning Resources, research ancient (of
your choice; see your Learning Resources for context) and contemporary
responses to that crime. Analyze the commonalities and differences
between the responses, and evaluate whether or not the responses are

Post by Day 3 the type of crime you
selected. Then explain one ancient governmental response and one
contemporary governmental response to that crime. As can be found in
this week’s readings, crime is responded to from the relative cultural
reality of that time period. Provide an example to illustrate your
points. Describe the commonalities and the differences in these
responses. Explain whether or not you consider either response effective
and why. Finally, explain whether international responses to crime have
helped shape the governmental response to crime where you live. If so,
explain how. Provide an example. Use the Walden Library and select an
article to support your response.

Respond by Day 5 to at least two
colleagues and offer alternative explanations for the commonalities and
differences. Or, offer an alternative perspective on how international
perspectives have helped shape your criminal justice system.

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