Examine the article through two different topics

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In this paper, try to examine the article below through two topics which are Gender Inequality and Poverty.

“Costs are high if the low-paid complain” :http://edition.pagesuite.com/popovers/article_popo…

First, decide which paradigm (social conflict, structural functional and symbolic interaction) you believe the author or presenter is approaching the issue from and defend your answer. Choose one of the remaining two paradigms to analyze the same issue from a different perspective. Defend your answer.

Basically, there are two topics you have to talk about this article. First section you can do gender inequility, The second section you can do Poverty.

Each section contains two paradigm to defend the topic. (social conflict, structural functional and symbolic) pick two out of the three to discuss.

PS: 4 pages long, double space, if you want the detailed information about the paradigm, feel free to ask me!

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