Inductive reasoning exercise: Social Psychology homework help

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I need help with this task please find attached Information sheet with readings and Rubric: no more then 500 words there is no 10%

The following submission is divided into three aspects for the inductive reasoning task [Max 500 words]

1. Read the six vignettes and using inductive reasoning identify at least one common theme that explains why these young people purposively became HIV positive

2. For each theme, present supporting evidence in the form of quotes from each of the case studies. Note, for each quote you should cite

  • Name of person (or case study)
  • Paragraph of quote (use pdf para number of each case)
  • Line number of the beginning of quote
  • 3. Discuss the relationship between qualitative research and quantitative research and in the light of this discussion, propose a quantitative study that would evaluate the theme(s) you have proposed. [you could even develop a small questionnaire that could tap into this theme. Important, the proposed study [and survey] must have face validity.

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