Read DB case and answer two question.

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In preparing your write-up, use the case material as background for your research. In some cases, I expect that you do a bit of extra research on the topic. This may include the case’s footnotes and references. You must support your opinion with facts, theory, and empirical evidence. Please use data (numbers only) in the write-up. You must analyze the numbers and tell a story around them. Use original sources, for instance reports from international organizations (IMF, WB, BIS, etc), or academic research. Do not use blogs, Wikipedia, Investopedia, or press articles outside the FT, WSJ or the Economist as sources for your research and when expressing your opinion. Your sources must be properly cited in the bibliography. Using someone else’s wording without quotation marks is considered plagiarism.

Answer flowing two questions:

1. Why did Deutsche Bank (DB) decide to buy back its debt? Was the decision to buy back the debt the right one? Why or why not?

2. Are contingent convertible bonds playing the role the regulators intended them to play?

Please write one page which not include references.

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