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TASK #1: Explore the About DHS page on the Department of Homeland Security website Read: Mission, Organization, History, Who Joined DHS and one other section. Based on what you have read on the DHS website, write a brief overview of the Department of Homeland Security. What are the five most important things that you, as a future national security professional, want to remember about DHS?

TASK #2: Explore the Topics page on the Department of Homeland Security website: Write up a brief description of three topics. For each of these topics, what, in your opinion, are the biggest challenges facing the US? Is DHS effectively addressing the challenges?

BONUS TASK (2 points): Watch this C-SPAN video (approx..30 minutes) featuring an interview with cyber issues reporter, Joe Marks: How serious is the cyber threat posed by China? In terms of defense of election systems, are we better off in 2018 than we were in 2016? Why or why not?

This Discussion Board is worth 10 points (12 points with bonus). For the full 10 (12) points, make sure you: provide a thoughtful response to each task; cite your references appropriately, using APA style or approved abbreviations, used in our syllabus (e.g., SWC for the textbook,); post your work by 11:59 pm on Monday, October 8. Be prepared to discuss your answers in class on Tuesday, October 9.

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