How has Balinese music crossed international borders and spread to the West?, art & design homework help

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– answers doesn’t have to be long as long as it make sense


– after I select a tutor I will post an example of how the answers should look like

– make sure you watch the youtube videos in order to answer the questions


Everyone perform and respond to question 1.

1. Perform the kecak exercise on p. 99 or (PowerPoint slide #23) with three of your friends or family. What was your experience? Was it easy, difficult? What did you find difficult? Write about your experience.

Here is video found by a student of a kecak dance. Listen to the men reciting kecak. This might help you with you kecak exercise.

Respond to one of the two questions below. Entitle your response “playing gamelan” or the name of the composer you select.

2. Here’s a video of kids learning to play a very slow melody. You’ll notice that each instrument has its own pattern that is repeated. This is how we begin to learn, with very simple tunes. Notice the gongs and larger instruments have much simpler rhythms to play, the higher instruments play a bit more complex rhythms and melodies. You can hear the leader counting, playing the drum and prompting the ceng-ceng player.

Here you can see a close-up of two players.

What might be some of the challenges of learning to play gamelan?

3. How has Balinese music crossed international borders and spread to the West?

Pages 107-108 list some contemporary composers who have written for gamelan or have been influenced by gamelan music. You might find other composers who have been influenced by gamelan music. Select a composer and find out how gamelan music influenced their compositions. How did they learn about Indonesian music? Do they use the gamelan? Do they use Western instruments? Do they use the pelog or slendro scales? Do they use ostinato? What other Indonesian elements does the composer use. Post a YouTubeclip of a piece of the composer’s/performer’s music.

Be sure to reference your sources.

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