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1.This resond should be addressed to Mary Rainey

Understanding the concept that licit drugs can be just as detrimental as illicit drugs is crucial as well as how each can potentially affect the body. Often times, individual’s may assume since licit drugs are legal, one can disregard the “take as directed label”; thus, drug misuse is the outcome or abusing the drug by taking for a nonmedical use (Bulatova, Jaber, Suyagh, Wazaify & Yousef, 2015). Today’s society has definitely lost sight of the reasoning behind medications and has turned drugs into a massive problem which not only affects the individual but also everyone around as well. Examples of licit drugs which are abused yet unforeseen many times are anxiety medications, caffeine, and cough syrup with codeine, antihistamines, and sleeping pills.

The licit drug promethazine is one of the most surprising licit drugs in my opinion, which has potential physiological and psychological dependency (Parker, Gioannis, & Page, 2013). Promethazine is an antihistamine drug that goes overlooked like many other antihistamine drugs that are available without prescription (Parker et al.). Bassett, Schunk, and Crouch (1996) study states, “There are multiple case reports in the international literature detailing abuse potential of centrally acting antihistamines, with short-term recreational use predominantly in adolescents seeking euphorigenic or hallucinatory effects and more habitual patterns in adult females (as cited in Parker et al., 2013, p. 238). Unfortunately, due to the availability of antihistamines over-the-counter and lack of emphasis of prescribed antihistamines such as promethazine, the monitoring is limited; therefore, potential misuse and abuse is increasingly problematic (Parker et al.).

The drug industry will remain to be a challenging concern; hence, combating the industry with non-traditional approaches may in fact be vital to regain control of the drug epidemic. Moreover, educating prescribers of potential addictions to medications and holding prescribers accountable for dispersing unnecessary drugs will be a good start to dismantling the drug problem. In addition, creating a global awareness of the negative effects of drugs and promoting cheaper treatment regimens for individuals to seek help to lessen the abuse and misuse of both licit and illicit drugs can be a beneficial approach (Levinthal, 2012).


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2. This respond should be addressed to Martha Carper

Tobacco is a licit drug that affects many people. Even though tobacco is legal, the addictive nature it carries, is what classifies it as a drug. As a smoker, I can contest that it is highly addictive.

Dismantling the drug industry will be a task. Currently, the law focuses on the drug users in general, but we really need to attack the heart of the importing. Colombia is considered to be the “principal source of illegal drugs” that come into the States (Bensinger, 1984). Columbian officials need to stop the production of harvesting as quickly as possible to reduce the drugs that are manufactured (Bensinger, 1984). If they do not concede, then the United States should withdraw our buying of coffee and flowers, which are their top favored exports (Bensinger, 1984). Targeting the harvesters and manufacturers would help reduce the drug imports we see here in the States. The only way to curb the drug is to act the problem in the early stages. Placing tighter restrictions would result in less production and less importing.


Bensinger, P. B. (1984, June 15). Ways to Stop Drugs. Retrieved from The New York Times: http://www.nytimes.com/1984/06/15/opinion/ways-to-…

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