Employee Trainning

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Assignment 2: Determine Training Outcomes

the TNA to identify performance gaps and to establish specific training
outcomes. This assignment builds on the previous one and will complete
your TNA.

For this assignment, you will work on items 6 – 8 only (below)

NOTE: you will include a summary of assignment one as the intro!

6. Include at least three training outcomes, based on the TNA

of training outcomes in a larger context: how will the training solve
the problem (or, address the need) at an organizational level? Think of
this as a justification for your training. How you would “sell” the
training to the organization’s leadership team. Why should they invest
in the training. What’s in it for them (AKA, the organization)?

Remember, this should be as tangible as possible!

7. Identify the expected performance of the group or individuals as a result of the training

is where you will focus more on the individual level. Think in terms of
learning objectives. As a result of the training, what will the target
audience do (or not do) that will improve their performance?

8. Identify performance gaps and detail how training can help close those gaps

you will essentially validate your proposed training . What performance
gaps (or needs) is the training intended to address and how do your
training recommendations achieve this? There needs to be a clear
connection between what you are proposing and what you are trying to

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