QUESTION: How does Kuhn reply to charges of relativism? Is his reply adequate? Why or why not?

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Approximately 3 pages double space typewritten (no more than 800 words). Due Monday 4/17/18 at Canvas. Parenthetical references are recommended for primary texts, such as (Kuhn, p. 42). I recommend that you do not use any secondary sources, but if you do, they must be cited, using some standard citation format. Include a word count at the bottom of your paper.

Be sure to answer all of the elements of the question given above. Be specific and concrete. Take a stand and argue for it, presenting good reasons for your position. Go beyond mere repetition of material presented in class, but not to sources outside the readings assigned. All the papers are expected to be argumentative and analytical. You will be graded on how clearly, succinctly and accurately you can formulate the positions of the authors read, and how well you define the philosophical issues involved. You will be expected to formulate a position and construct arguments in its favor, and be graded on how persuasive the argument is. You will also be expected to go beyond the material in the texts and lectures and present your own original reflections on the issues raised in the topic of the papers.

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